Up With Trees

Up With Trees


Mission Statement

Our Mission is: Empowering, educating, and serving communities by utilizing trees for their environmental, economic, and social benefits.


Since 1976, Up With Trees has been faithful to its mission to beautify greater Tulsa by planting trees and creating urban forestry awareness through education. We partner with local groups and companies to give Tulsa a landscape that will benefit future generations. In the last four decades, we have planted over 31,000 trees at more than 750 locations throughout Tulsa. We plant along streets and trails, in parks, schools, fire stations, neighborhoods and many other public properties. We not only plant, but we maintain more than 20,000 trees throughout greater Tulsa. We work to ensure that trees are pruned, watered, and replaced if severely damaged. This ensures that the trees will continue to thrive for many years to come. Education is one of the most important parts of our organization and we strive to educate as many as possible about the importance of keeping Tulsa green. We do this through our volunteer base and through our strong Citizen Foresters program.