United Against Human Trafficking

United Against Human Trafficking


Mission Statement

To end human trafficking through preventing exploitation, educating the community, and empowering survivors.


We believe that no human life should be for sale. Children and teenagers, men and women are exploited for sex and labor in our city every day. We exist to change that.

Awareness inspires action. Through awareness, we turn our community’s attention to the atrocity of human trafficking. Our neighbors become empowered to join our strategy to address this human rights violation.

Education prepares the community. Through education, we prepare professionals, first responders and community members to recognize and address human trafficking situations. Institutions become qualified to aid victims and survivors with a trauma-informed approach.

Outreach prevents exploitation and empowers victims and survivors. Through programs, support groups, and direct outreach, we bridge the gap between service providers and those who need them. We interact with overlooked people to identify exploitation and connect them with appropriate resources for restoration.

Human trafficking is a violation of basic human rights and should be addressed as such. We must restore that basic human right to every trafficked person—freedom.