Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers


Mission Statement

Promise Keepers’ goal is to bring about revival through a global movement that calls men back to courageous, bold, leadership. We will be the spark that calls men back to God’s Word, sharing their faith and caring for the poor and oppressed throughout the world. We will be a platform to men’s ministries, churches and ministries by fully participating with them, promoting them and supporting them. We are a one-time per year stadium event only. We intend to drive all other issues to the ministries that specialize in them.


Promise Keepers will go back to its roots established in the early ‘90s. We will have one major event per year. It will be in late July and in an NFL stadium. We will become completely involved in the host city, its local churches and local ministries at least one year prior to the event. Promise Keepers will be givers to the city, being Christ’s hands and feet and actively spreading the Gospel. Each event will have a specific theme and that theme will have a Bible study that goes along with it. All Promise Keepers staff and speakers must volunteer serve in the local ministries prior to the event.